Oliver Wood: Flashlights and Sparks

From ICG Magazine, Watership Down by Pauline Rogers (May 2000)

As the American sailors make the perilous voyage home, the captured U-boat gets rocked by explosive depth charges, which knock out its power source and plunge its innards into darkness. Here, the cinematographer did his best to exploit the limited throw of a portable, practical source. "We faced the challenge of lighting so the audience could see, but not so that we interfered with the reality of the situation. So we lit the rest of the picture with flashlights," declares Wood. "It became a progression of lights breaking down as the sub got more and more water inside-- that made the shots darker and darker. For a while, we could use 'sparks'-- created by special effects-- to illuminate some of the shots. We would cue the lights or sparks by punctuation in the dialogue.

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