Janusz Kaminski: Directional & Diffused Exterior Lighting

From American Cinematographer, The Last Great War by Christopher Probst (August 1998)

Kaminski was also able to modify the sunlight to his liking for some shots by utilizing Rosco #3004 Half Soft Frost diffusion in place of an overhead silk.

"For some of the exteriors, we chose to use Half Soft because it allows the light to have some direction while still softening it," Devlin explains. "Whereas with a silk, you create an overall soft ambiance, but you then have to compete with the much-brighter backgrounds. A lot of times there’s really no difference between having a silk or a solid up. One nice thing about Half Soft Frost is that it allows the sun to have a strong direction, and yet the light will wrap enough to fill people’s eyes."

- David Devlin (Gaffer for Janusz Kaminski on Saving Private Ryan)

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