Stephen H. Burum: Self-Expectations

From American Cinematographer, Ringside Riddle by Stephen Pizzello (August 2008)

"An 11-year-old child could learn the mechanical craft of cinematography. The difference between cinematographers who do great work and those who just do okay work is some gift you have, some sense of taste. I think you’re always frustrated when you’re doing it, because you have this idea in your head and you can’t quite get there, even though everyone else says that what you’re doing is great. You’re always dissatisfied because you want more from the cinematography than you’re capable of giving. You can look at [fellow ASC member] Connie Hall’s films and say, ’This is just fabulous, I could never approach that’... But Connie Hall is tearing himself apart! Cinematography isn’t easy for anybody, and the more you do, the harder it gets."

- Stephen H. Burum, ASC

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