Freddie Francis: Cinematography & Technology

From American Cinematographer, Cinematic Glory by David E. Williams (March 1998)

Looking back on his career, Francis ponders the technological changes that have been made since his start in the 1930's. Scoffing at the notion that cinematography is an inherently technical field, he offers,

"If someone says to me, 'I loved that shot, how did you light it?', I'll think they've lost the point. My explanation doesn't mean a thing because there are 20 ways to light a shot and get the same result. Why you do something is far more important than how."

- Freddie Francis, BSC

"The cinematographer is a storyteller, and his main job is to communicate with the director and get his ideas on screen. I just always insist on having a wonderful operator and wonderful gaffer. I can tell them what I have in my mind and they'll know what to do, with me just adding a few touches later."

- Freddie Francis, BSC

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