Hiro Narita: Zooms

From American Cinematographer, A Computerized Conceiving Ada by Mark Dillon (September 1998)

"If you're shooting 35mm and want to move the camera, that alone will take 10 or 15 minutes. With a zoom lens, you can reframe in a matter of seconds. I was not thinking about [the quality of] prime lenses versus zooms at that point. I was more concerned about how quickly I could get certain shots done."

- Hiro Narita, ASC

The cameraman found that the location conditions partially dictated what focal lengths could be used during the eight-day shoot.

"We couldn't go too wide because there was no set. We were using someone's apartment. To give a little visual impact, I tried to avoid the middle range-- a lot of scenes were shot between 24mm and 40mm, with close-ups at 75mm."

- Hiro Narita, ASC

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