Gary Tandrow: Jumbo Lights

From American Cinematographer, Storaro and Bulworth by Garrett Brown (June 1998)

On Bulworth, Storaro used so-called "Jumbos"—large multi-globe frames with sixteen 28-volt landing lights each—and a whole range of "Mini-Jumbos" in diminishing sizes, as well as a series of "Tornado" lights using 120-volt Fay globes. They all run on 220 volts and are always pre-rigged to be dimmable with his small state-of-the-art digital panels. "Jumbos" provide incredible punch outdoors. At great distances they become "puntiform" sources, except that, unlike conventional Fresnels, the arrays can be spread out horizontally.

"They are only 10K each, but put out as much [light] as two or three Xenons. The bang for the buck is unbelievable."

- Gary Tandrow, Gaffer for Storaro on Bulworth

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