Hubert Taczanowski: Camera Lenses, Positioning, & Movement

From American Cinematographer, Rediscovering Eden by Holly Willis (March 1998)

"We never went wider than a 21mm, and the longest lens we used was the 70mm. I don't use zooms. Although there are fantastic zooms available from Arri and Panavision, I'd rather move the camera. I'm really in love with dollying and pushing in and out and adjusting. My philosophy is that when I'm looking at actors, I always put the camera on a dolly and I always make adjustments, even small ones-- 10" or 20"-- moving the camera left or right to get a better view. It's like when your watching something and someone blocks your view; you adjust by moving a little bit. That's how I approach moviemaking-- not necessarily in dramatic movements, like Scorsese does, but rather back and forth, to the left or right."

- Hubert Taczanowski

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