Robert Primes: Cinematographers' Contribution

From American Cinematographer, Penny-Wise, Image-Foolish? by Richard Crudo, ASC

"It's a shame that no one has yet found a device to measure the impact that beautifully realized images have on an audience, and by beautifully realized I mean photography appropriate to the story, not pictures of sunsets. We presume they're affected by the acting because they become fans of the performers. We presume they're affected by the music because they buy the soundtrack. If an audience simply likes the movie, most of the time they give all of the credit to the director. Though what we do isn't measured, anything that takes away from our ability to create mood and beauty through the cinematography hurts the entire package. The certitude of print dailies give you leads to vital, exciting work that pushes the envelope and supports everything else that's going on in the picture."

- Robert Primes, ASC

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