Vittorio Storaro: Lighting Technique

From American Cinematographer, Storaro and Bulworth by Garrett Brown (June 1998)

Storaro's technique is comprehensive and quite different from the usual practices in the U.S. He uses what he calls "puntiform" or point-source lights and "multiform" broad sources, but seldom anything in between. He describes the former as "so tiny, or so far away, that it makes a strong separation between light and shadow, so no area is in penumbra." His broad-source lights consist of the same fixtures, but placed closer, and usually fronted with diffusion. "I was searching for a dialogue between two specific forces—one gives me very specific shadows and the other doesn't give any shadows at all." For what he calls "sculpting" with light, he rides these separate sources on the dimmer board.

- Quotes by Vittorio Storaro, ASC, AIC

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