John Schwartzman: Anamorphic Lens Flares

From American Cinematographer, When Worlds Collide by David E. Williams (July 1998)

Interestingly, anamorphic's inherent lens-flare effect which some argue is a prime reason not to use the format actually became an encouraged style element on Armageddon.

"Some people hate flares and some people love them. I tend to fall into the Jan De Bont [ASC] school: I find them interesting and beautiful depending on the source of light giving you the flare. A fluorescent light burn obviously isn't as interesting as a very small, hot specular kick, but I like to use flares to transition in or out of a scene, or to heighten the sense of energy in a shot. It's something to be used as a tool, and either added or taken away depending on your needs."

- John Schwartzman, ASC

"Flares are so cool that we even imitated them in some of our visual effects sequences, like when the shuttles fly past the camera on their way to the asteroid. There are lights flaring out all over the place in those shots."

- Micheal Bay

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