Gabriel Beristain: Subtracting Light & Darkness

From American Cinematographer, Paging Machiavelli by Eric Rudolph (March 1998)

"In that office set there were places where I could not put any lights, [which led to] gigantic gaps of darkness. We tried, were possible, to use darkness in this film the way a playwright might use silence, where the lack of words says something very important. I've always believed that sometimes lighting, as opposed to illumination, is more about subtracting light."

- Gabriel Beristain, ASC, BSC

"There are moments where Campbell Scott is in almost complete darkness. Then he steps out of the shadows and delivers a powerful line. One of those moments is actually a turning point for his character, where he goes from being pushed around to standing up for himself. He steps out of the darkness and into the light and says 'How dare you, after what I've done for the company?' He challenges his boss for the first time."

- Gabriel Beristain, ASC, BSC

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