Vittorio Storaro: Non-Incandescent & Single Source Lighting

From American Cinematographer, Storaro and Bulworth by Garrett Brown (June 1998)

Vittorio doesn't use HMI's and tries to avoid fluorescents- he doesn't like the color spectrum of either, and they aren't dimmable. He never erects forests of flags and nets and teasers.

"He will cut, and he likes large blacks and large silks, but if the light comes through the window, then he plays the whole scene around where that light comes from. He'll add a little fill , a little silver board to pick up the eyes. It's amazing-- as if the world stood still when that perfect light came. And that's how he does the close-up, without relighting, unlike a lot of other cameramen who would turn off and start over."

- Gary Tandrow, Gaffer for Vittorio on Bulworth

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