Lance Acord: Clip Tests

From American Cinematographer, Playing a Risky Stock on Buffalo 66, by Jean Oppenheimer (July 1998)

"When you shoot 'chrome and use the E6 process, you do film clip tests. On each roll of film, you clip either the front or the end of the roll to gauge the exposure on the roll, and then you can push- or pull-process to adjust for the exposure you want. For each scene in Buffalo 66 we would do a clip test. We'd shoot about 40 feet of film- often with stand-ins-- and then log that with a scene number and a clip number. In the script notes we would identify which camera roll corresponded to each clip test for each scene, at which point we would know whether we wanted to push or pull the film to adjust for exposure. They could then process the rolls accordingly."

- Lance Acord, ASC

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