Conrad Hall: Contrast

"For me, the use of light is really exciting. In nature, contrast is what makes light fascinating. So the use of contrast- surprising someone with the amount of difference in those values-- is what makes things interesting. When you're driving toward the Grand Canyon, all you can see is an open plain until you suddenly come right up to the edge of it, and then you gasp because of the striking contrast of this thing being so deep. It's the same with brightness and darkness. Contrast can be used to create that same sort of breath taking sensation of too much or too little. It's a tool to work with in creating mood, but you have to be courageous. And, of course, it's hard to be courageous! It's not like the writer who can just simply rip out a page; it costs a lot of money to put images on film. There's a great responsibility to make sure that everything works, which often keeps you from getting to adventurous in the storytelling. You have to struggle with this knowledge that you can't and mustn't fail, but then again, you should always try to do more than just succeed. In telling a story, you should try to be exact in a spectacular way, and that requires courage and a good sense of your craft."

-Conrad Hall

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