Conrad Hall: Evolving with Technology

"It was almost exactly 50 years ago, in the spring of 1948, that I started studying cinema at USC. In the years since then I've tried to pay attention to life, and learn to tell stories with film language. Now, the language is over 100 years old, but I don't know if I've paid enough attention to the craft of cinematography as it has evolved-- and is evolving-- so rapidly. I don't know how to pay attention to it. I'm so disinterested in computers and mechanical things-- shooting blue-screens and green-screens. You can do some wonderful and magical things with that sort of technology to create stories, but I'm personally not very interested. I remember how I learned to do things a long time ago, and I'm going to hang onto that, which limits the types of stories I'm going to tell... "

-Conrad Hall, ASC

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