Jeff Cronenweth: Tests, tests, tests!

From American Cinematographer, Anarchy in the U.S.A. by Christopher Probst (November 1999)

"I encourage anybody shooting a movie to do as much experimentation in the tests as they are allowed... We had quite a lot of makeup and wardrobe tests because of all the prosthetics [cuts, swollen eyes and bruises] being used in the film. There were approximately 33 different prosthetic changes between the two lead characters. Within this time, however, I was also able to test every type of practical used on the film. I tested several different film stocks and processes-- like pushing, pulling and flashing-- to establish the contrast and tonalities we were looking for. I had portions of the set walls brought in, and we tested the various paint colors in both matte and gloss finishes."

- Jeff Cronenweth

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