John Alexander Jimenez: On Kodak Film

From American Cinematographer, Opportunities With Attitude by Holly Willis (March 1999)
Director: Joe Carhahan
DP: John Alexander Jimenez

"For the outside shots, I'd keep using 7245. Even though it was bits and pieces from different cans and different times, I tried to keep it as consistent as I could," he (Jimenez) says. Interiors were shot on the 500asa EXR 7298. Notes Carnahan, "The 45 is pretty much like the vanilla [emulsion] of the Kodak line-- their basic exterior stock-- but it's got incredible latitude. On some scenes, we were overexposed by more than a stop-- some of our exteriors were completely blown out-- but it came out pretty well. Again, with the interiors and the 7298, there was a lot of latitude, and we also got very dense blacks, which I like."

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