Matthew Leonetti: "Croney Cones" and "Phoney Cones"

Pat Blymer served as Chief Lighting Technician (gaffer) for Matthew Leonetti on Star Trek Insurrection.

"Above the Bridge set, there were 12 pie shaped ceiling pieces made out of muslin, and we had a 5k senior hitting into each one of them-- this gave us about 12 foot candles of ambient light throughout the entire set. We then hung lights as needed to accentuate the actors, usually tweenies with special diffusion cones on them. Jordan Cronenweth [ASC], who shot Blade Runner, had these devices called 'Croney Cones'. They were 5' long and made out of tinfoil, and he put them on the front of seniors and 10Ks. The paper diffusion on the front, either 216 or 250, softened up the light. Through the years, we made our own version of them out of showcard, which we call 'phoney cones.'"

-Pat Blymer

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