Wexler & Hall: "Gaffer with a capital G!"

From American Cinematographer, Island of Lost Souls interview by Conrad Hall, ASC (July 1999)

Hall: "Watching the film, I don't remember seeing a single shot with any sunshine at all. Was this a deliberate attempt to cast an atmospheric mood on the characters' lives or was that just typical Juneau weather?

Wexler: "It was a deliberate attempt by God to not let the sun shine during the filming!

Hall: "Ah, your gaffer!"

Wexler: "The gaffer in the sky."

Hall: "Gaffer with a capital G!"

Wexler: "Actually, a number of times I was praying for some sunlight, because we did have some day-for-night shots that I would have liked to have built some contrast into. It rained on us every single day, and even during the party sequence you may see some streaks behind Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as she's singing."

- Haskell Wexler, ASC & Conrad Hall, ASC

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